It’s been about 2 months since I purchased my 2008 BMW M3 from Marco, and I’m super happy with how it’s been!
This is the first used car my family has ever purchased (so obviously we were a bit nervous). Marco very quickly put us to ease that he finds the best cars available in proper condition…he doesn’t sell lemons. That was really important to us because you wouldn’t want to spend $30k plus on a car that would need lots more maintenance.
Prior to purchasing the car, Marco ensured that the car was in perfect working order. He had the brake rotors replaced as they were in need of it, and changed all the fluids and oil.
Again, this is 2 months later and I’m so happy with the purchase.
Thank-you Marco for helping me obtain my dream car that is in great condition considering it being 10 years old!
I’d highly recommend anyone to purchase through Modena Motors Inc. with confidence.