Ferrari F50 Red 1/18 Scale by Hot Wheels ELITE Edition

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Ferrari F50 Red 1/18 Scale by Hot Wheels ELITE Edition

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Designed to commemorate Ferrari's 50th anniversary in 1997, the Ferrari F50 is an F1 car dressed as a road car. Low-slung, with huge forward air intakes, it boasts sleek lines that sweep gracefully up to the rear airfoil and aerodynamically slope behind both seats, following Formula 1 engineering principles. The tub is the central part of the car’s structure and is made entirely of lightweight carbon composites and adhesive materials. The centrally mounted engine acts as a support for the rear suspension and for the carbon-fiber bodywork. The 12-cylinder, 4.75 liter, rear-mounted engine slams out 520 horsepower, propelling the car from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.87 seconds and taking the carbon-fiber body to a top speed of 325 Km/h.

Only 349 cars were made, one fewer than Ferrari estimated they could sell. The last F50 was produced in July 1997. Don’t miss this unique piece in 1:18th scale

ONLY 5000 pieces produced!!!